WIFI Problems

1. SMS WIFI guest is only for connecting to the internet.  It cannot communicate with other devices here at school, such as apple tv's or printers.  If you need to connect to these services, do not use wifi guest.  You cannot use AirPlay to mirror your device to the apple tv using SMS WIFI guest.

2. If your device is randomly connecting to different network ssid's,  SMS WIFI, SMS WIFI 5GHz, or SMS WIFI guest, go to the wifi settings of your device and tell it to forget the networks you don't want to connect with or turn off Auto-join for those networks.  

I think the random jumping between networks happens because your device sees the three networks and tries to pick the strongest signal.  They all have very similar signal strength, subject to small fluctuations, so from moment to moment, a different network may be strongest.  If you tell your device to forget all but one of them, it should stick with that one and not switch to the others.