Accessing Your Home Folder

Instructions for accessing your home folder.

Faculty can access their home folder over the internet using a web browser.  Enter the url and login with your username and password.

Native File Access
Both Windows and Mac users can access their home folders using native file access.  That means you do not have to have the Novell client software loaded.   You can access your home folder by opening FileExplorer, Network, and opening Sms-serv12_w. 

Windows 7

Windows 7 users will have to make a change to the security settings on their computers for the authentication to succeed.  If you have Windows 7 please watch the flash instructions, Editing the Group Policy

An alternative to going through workgroup computers is to click Start and in the search box enter the UNC address of your home folder, \\\students\<username> or \\\faculty\<username>, then press Enter. 

A dialog will open requesting your username and password.  Once you have successfully authenticated you will be able to open your home folder.  It may be convenient to make a shortcut on your desktop to your home folder so that you do not have to go through the whole process every time.

Access Using the Novell Client
If you don't want to use native file access you need to install the network client.  This will automatically authenticate you to the proxy so you don't have to login multiple times.  It will provide easier access to your home folder and school printers.  Having done the previous setup you can use Internet Explorer to connect to the school intranet home page at .  Click on the link "Connecting your computer to the network".  It gives you this page.  Scroll down to the following links, the first for XP and the second for Vista.

Download the network client for Windows Windows 7
Save the file to the desktop and then double click on it to run the installation program.

Configure Network Tree and Context
After the network client is installed you may need to set up the Tree and Context.  When the Novell login dialog appears after you restart your computer, click the advanced button.
Enter the following:
Tree:  cs_tree
Context: students.sms.chschools
Server: sms-serv12
Finish logging in with your username and password as usual.  You only need to set the tree and context once.  Next time you log in just enter your username and password and click ok.